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"I have been a client of Dana's for three years now, and I must say she is the most intuitive person I have ever met. The first time I scheduled a session with Dana, I felt a sense of calm. Her energy is so warm and comforting I immediately felt at ease talking to her! Since that day, she has given me a sense of clarity along this journey we call life. Dana has helped me through many obstacles and continues to give me authentic guidance and wisdom unlike anyone else. I am lucky to not only have her as a teacher, but as a friend as well. Dana truly has a gift and I am forever grateful to have her in my life!
Thank you Dana!"
-NT, International Client
"Along my spiritual journey, I have crossed paths with many helpful guides, I can honestly say that Dana has been among the most comforting and reassuring in times of confusion and feeling impatient and stuck. For this reason I continue to seek her guidance when I feel led to. She has always had clear, fast and direct contact with my guides and has confirmed messages I was unsure about many times. Intuitive Dana is a soothing Soul:) "
-CL, Atlanta, Georgia
"Whenever I get a reading from Dana she is very in tune with things I had been feeling or going through. She was able to give me good direction and advice on how to handle those emotions. Dana is genuine and very dedicated to her craft. Thanks Dana for your healing and counseling services."
-TN, Atlanta, Georgia
"I love everything about my time with Dana she is truly amazing!"
-T in Atlanta, Georgia