Metaphysical Freedom, LLC
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Spiritual Coaching and Metaphysical Services
​This includes intuitive/psychic readings, energy healing sessions, past life regressions, communicating with angels & spirit guides, and mediumship.  
Rates are normally $90/hour and $45/30 minutes.
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Inspirational Materials
Services & Products
​Metaphysical Freedom, LLC offers services in these core areas: 

1. Metaphysical and Spiritual Coaching (Readings and Energy Healings)
2. Metaphysics Education (Classes and Workshops)
3. Public Speaking Engagements
4. Inspirational Writings (Books, blog, freelance) 
Divine Encounters: Of the Mostly Human Kind is a set of nonfiction short stories which reflect aspects of  Dana's spiritual journey. At the end of each chapter is a special message for you, the reader. 
This book is an  inspirational and encouraging read! 

​Educational Sessions, Workshops, Public Speaking

Dana teaches courses in Metaphysics (energy awareness skills, developing intuition and psychic ability, and learning energy healing tools). She also offers workshops on Forgiveness, Synchronicity & the Law of Attraction, and Meditation

Classes can be for a group, or personalized to an individual. 
Workshops are for groups only
Writing Services
Have a book idea, but need help getting the words on paper? Written a book, but need help with organizing the information?
​Dana offers ghostwriting, editing, and organization services for reasonable prices. Contact for more information.
Explanation of Terms and Services: 

Mindfulness-Intentional awareness, conscious focus without judgment

Metaphysical-‘beyond physical’, addressing the non-conventional aspects of things; layers of meaning

Synergy- the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements' contributions
Angelic communication-Relaying messages and healing from angels

Auras-layers of energy surrounding the body

Chakras-energy centers in the body that have certain functions

Dream interpretation-understanding the energetic and symbolic information in dreams to gain greater insight

Energy work-using non-conventional healing modalities that incorporate the use of positive intentional energies

Kundalini- powerful energy for manifestation, healing, and enlightenment; serpent energy

Medical Intuition-viewing energies related to physical ailments

Mediumship- communicating with those who have exited the Earthly realm and are in non-physical

Past life readings, energy readings-looking into past lives and how they affect current situations or looking at current energy and soul connections

Reiki- hands on OR distance healing modality using Life Force energy

Spiritual counseling-assistance through the use of Spirit, Universe, and Ancestral Guides to obtain clarity and offer direction