Metaphysical Freedom, LLC
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Metaphysical Life Coaching and Energy Work
​This includes coaching sessions, intuitive/psychic readings, energy healing work, past life regressions, communicating with angels & spirit guides, and mediumship.  
Rates are normally $90/hour and $45/30 minutes.
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Inspirational Materials
Services & Products
​Metaphysical Freedom, LLC offers services in these core areas: 

1. Metaphysical Life Coaching (Readings and Energy Healings)
2. Counselor Supervision (To become licensed as a counselor in Georgia)
3. Metaphysics Education (Classes and Workshops)
4. Public Speaking Engagements
5. Inspirational Writings (Books, blog, freelance) 
Divine Encounters: Of the Mostly Human Kind is a set of nonfiction short stories which reflect aspects of Dana's spiritual journey in early adulthood. At the end of each chapter is a special message for you, the reader. 
This book is an  inspirational and encouraging read! On Amazon or for purchase from the author.

​Counselor Supervision Sessions, Workshops, Public Speaking
Writing Services
Have a book idea, but need help getting the words on paper? Written a book, but need help with organizing the information?
​Dana offers ghostwriting, editing, and organization services for reasonable prices. Contact for more information.
Explanation of Terms and Services: 

Mindfulness-Intentional awareness, conscious focus without judgment

Metaphysical-‘beyond physical’, addressing the non-conventional aspects of things; layers of meaning

Synergy- the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements' contributions
Angelic communication-Relaying messages and healing from angels

Auras-layers of energy surrounding the body

Chakras-energy centers in the body that have certain functions

Dream interpretation-understanding the energetic and symbolic information in dreams to gain greater insight

Energy work-using non-conventional healing modalities that incorporate the use of positive intentional energies

Kundalini- powerful energy for manifestation, healing, and enlightenment; serpent energy

Medical Intuition-viewing energies related to physical ailments

Mediumship- communicating with those who have exited the Earthly realm and are in non-physical

Past life readings, energy readings-looking into past lives and how they affect current situations or looking at current energy and soul connections

Reiki- hands on OR distance healing modality using Life Force energy

Spiritual counseling-assistance through the use of Spirit, Universe, and Ancestral Guides to obtain clarity and offer direction

Dana is certified as a Professional Counselor Supervisor for those pursuing careers to become licensed professional counselors in Georgia
Dana also teaches courses in Metaphysics (energy awareness skills, developing intuition and psychic ability, and learning energy healing tools). She offers workshops on Forgiveness, Synchronicity & the Law of Attraction, and Meditation. 
Classes can be for a group, or personalized to an individual. 
Workshops are for groups only. Email for more info.